Hard money loans—also referred to as real estate investment loans— are loans that come from private money. Entrust Capital Funding would be considered a private money lender. The funds that go to borrowers to use on a property don’t come from a bank, they come from private investors.

For investors looking to make an investment without waiting a long time for a traditional bank loan, hard money loans are a better choice. At the same time, if your credit score is less than perfect, a traditional lender might not be the right option. Hard money loans, or private money loans, offer plenty of benefits including a fast and easy process and potential for great results.

Real estate investment is a profitable venture for people looking to increase their wealth without entering into the instability of the stock market. A property is a tangible asset that increases in value over time, making an investment in the housing market is a more secure way of increasing wealth.

We try to keep the loan process as simple as possible. The process is essentially the same whether you are looking for a standard hard money loan, a rehab loan, or a refinance loan. We offer an insight into the loan process. Check it out here!

Entrust Capital Funding does not have a set down payment required. It will usually depend on the property. There are instances where we can roll it in the closing costs so that the borrower does not have to come in with a downpayment.

As far as regular home loans go, Entrust Capital Funding does not lend out to people who are looking to live in the property. At this time, we do not offer homestead loans.

If you are interested in getting a hard money loan or rehab loan to fix up a property that you intend to rent out, this is perfectly fine. It is up to you what you choose to do with the property once the title is clear and the repairs are finished.

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