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Short term financing for purchase & rehab of investment properties.

Rates Starting at 7.99% .

Hard Money Made Easy

Entrust Capital Funding is run by enthusiastic professionals with vast experience in the real estate business.

Our company is part of a large alliance of sister companies all working together to better people's lives through real estate investing and investment loans.

Entrust lends money to all different kinds of investors; whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced one.

If it is your first time and you have doubts about the process, we are here to guide you along the way. 

We are a hard money lender that provides real estate investment loans throughout El Paso and nearby towns such as Horizon, Canutillo, Anthony, and other surrounding areas. 

Our main objective is to see you benefit from the exciting venture of real estate investing and the many exciting opportunities it creates.

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Why Work With Entrust


Loans Based on Property Value


Accelerated Closings




Interest Rates Starting at 7.99% 


Low to No Down Payments


No Credit Checks


Funding for LLC's and Corporations 


No Income Verification 


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Going the traditional route can take an exorbitant amount of time. Entrust makes it easy with a free online application, 24 hour pre-approvals, no credit checks, no income verifications and a fast turn-around time for a loan estimate. 


We get the Property Appraised

A licensed appraiser will provide us with an After Repaired Value or an As-Is, depending on your property. Entrust is able to lend up to 70% of the appraised value. 


Close and Get Funded

You close on the house and then Entrust Capital gets you funded. Entrust is able to lend you the money for purchase, repairs and we can even roll in the closing costs. Most of our clients are coming to the closing table with no money down! 


Rehab Said Property

The majority of our investors will be remodeling their project. Entrust Capital Funding will get your loan funded quickly so you can get started on the rehab. 


Contact Us For Rehab Money

We will use a pre-determined draw schedule to  continuously provide you with money through-out your remodel. 


Sell Your Home

After the repairs have been made to the home, you can sell it and get rich.

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View Our Case Studies


This was a project completed by two successful Real Estate Agents. This deal was sourced by a local wholesaler, and because they used hard money they were about to close in a week’s time frame. This...


Entrust Capital Funding sold this property to the borrower for a low price. This borrower is a retired military veteran who recently returned from deployment. He contacted us because he was...

Doctors Office

The borrower contacted Entrust Capital Funding in order to refinance a doctors office she owns. The doctor was looking to payoff her loan that had a high interest rate. We were able to lend her the...

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